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Tradition meets innovation!
The Royals

Enjoy your Reyes & Carralero, the perfect blend of Cuban & Dominican craftsmanship. The insider tip for discerning connoisseur. The tobacco plants originate from cuban mother plants that have been further improved over time. Only the best qualities are grown on selected plantations in the Dominican Republic, which are among the best in the world. Seven carefully selected, exclusive tobaccos provide a unique and exceptional taste experience. The cigars of Reyes & Carralero are unparraleled, created and produced with extraordinary perfection by Cuban-born master blender and tobacco sommelier Carlos Carralero pertnering with the best rollers on the island.

Carlos Carralero
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The Reyes family has been part of the Dominican tobacco tradition since 1910 and in 1962 they were instrumental in cultivating Cuban tobacco plants in the Dominican Republic. At least since this milestone, Dominican tobacco has stood for absolute premium quality! “The Dominican premium cigar is still number 1 worldwide,” says cigar veteran and family member Don Emilio Reyes, aware of the outstanding quality.

Reyes & Carralero cigars are premium cigars too, made with passion by the island’s best rollers. Each cigar is unique, hand-rolled with passion and refined with the knowledge of 5 generations!

For a long time, the traditional brand from Santa Domingo was only available in a few selected cigar lounges, but now the tradition is being brought to life: “The Royals” are back! Still in a small, strictly controlled edition, but in the future at home worldwide!

Selected lounges, exclusive country and yacht clubs as well as a few selected partner in Singapore, the USA, Switzerland and Germany will in future carry a fine, traditional range as well as limited editions in cooperation with well-known artists and extraordinary innovations of master blenders and tobacco – Sommelier Carlos Carralero personally: